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Carpet Cleaning

We would be pleased to schedule a complimentary home carpet inspection and provide a no-obligation service quote.

It is recommended by carpet manufacturers to have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year to keep them fresh and in tip-top appearance extending the life of your investment. 

More frequent cleaning may be needed if family members have allergies (e.g. dust mites, pollen or mould etc) or pets and kids that can cause stains and odours or simply just to remove everyday dirt and dust.

Here are a few reasons why…

  • Improved Look and Feel

When dirt & dust build up deep in the fibre or carpet backing, the carpet becomes matted with collapsed fibres leaving it rough or creating worn patches. Regular professional cleaning can avoid this, which will improve look & maintain their natural softness.

  • Improved Health

Any home with unmaintained carpet can become a home for allergens, dust particles & bacteria and if not cleaned regularly can lead to health problems, especially for children and the elderly. All these tiny particles float around in your home and can aggravate your throat, eyes and nose (allergic rhinitis) as well as weaken your immune system leading to more household flu & colds.

  • Improved Air Quality

A clean carpet prevents harmful mould growth, combats dust mites and acts as an air filter trapping dust, pollen and potentially dangerous air particles to improve indoor air quality & overall breathing within the family home. Vacuuming simply cannot remove all debris from your carpet, which is why you should have your carpets cleaned regularly.

Choose a Service

We are happy to customise our carpet cleaning service to your needs, whether you want your entire home cleaned or just the high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will tailor the service specifically for you. The choice is yours.

Spray Extraction Carpet Clean

We use an 8 step carpet cleaning process to bring back your carpets to life.

  1. Pre-inspection and Quote

  2. Vacuum

  3. Pre-spray and pre-spot stain treatment

  4. Agitation

  5. Rinse and Extract

  6. Post spot treatment

  7. Groom and Dry

  8. Inspection

Optional Scotch Gard treatment.

Carpet Dry Clean

As part of a regular maintenance program, we provide the Sebo Duo dry cleaning system.

Cleaning without water using dry cleaning powder is effective for removing a broad spectrum of soiling, spots and stains. The Sebo contra-rotating brushes open the carpet pile enabling the dry powder technology to clean each fibre, lifting to restore flattened pile and bringing carpet back to life

Alternatively, for those carpet materials that may be sensitive to wet cleaning problems such as carpet shrinkage, adhesive damage, smell and long 'out of use' periods due to lengthy drying times, this service will be benefit you.

Carpet Refresh

The power of steam quickly and easily freshens up carpets and raises the fibres again, restoring their springiness and left smelling fresh.


  • Professionally vacuumed

  • Carpet steam cleaned

  • Deodorised

  • Groomed


STEP 1 — Pre-Inspection and quote

Every great carpet cleaning experience starts with a proper pre-inspection. We will inspect your particular areas of concern as well as noting carpet construction, soiling conditions and ascertain just how your expectations can be realised. We will also advise you of any possible permanent staining. The fibre type is also determined with a quick test. 

STEP 2— Vacuum 

Your carpet will be thoroughly vacuumed with a special twin engine and roller brush system to remove bonded dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning.  

STEP 3 — Pre-spray and pre-spot stain treatment

Busy traffic areas and the remainder of a carpet is pre-treated with a cleaning solution(s) to continue the cleaning process. All chemicals used are child safe and fur-friendly for pets (cats and dogs). 

STEP 4 — Agitation

A rotary cleaning machine will massage the pile to assist the pre-spray treatment to further loosen any soils, grease, oils and other contaminants.   

STEP 5 — Rinse & Extract

Once the soil has been loosened and suspended, our warm water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated so that the carpet is not over wet. As we care about your carpets, we ensure that wool carpets are rinsed correctly. Every carpet that we clean is pH-balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind. 

STEP 6 — Post-spot treatment

If any stubborn spots or stains are not removed during the cleaning process, specialist spotting methods and techniques are employed to either eliminate or reduce the effects of the stain. However, please note that on occasion, identifiable permanent stains may not be removed. There may be an additional charge for this service if there are specific stains that require additional attention. 

STEP 7 — Groom and Dry

Carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying and visual appeal. Ideally, carpets should be left overnight to fully dry. We advise clients to leave a fan on to help the drying process. We also apply a deodoriser, leaving your carpets and room smelling fresh and rejuvenated.

STEP 8 — Inspection

Together, we will walk through your home to inspect our work. Let us know that you are pleased by signing our service receipt. We will advise of any flaws, installation defects or stains that may not have responded to treatment or conditions of wear. 

No-Risk Guarantee

Should there be a problem or an area that you are not satisfied with, we will re-clean the area at no extra charge. Please note: This does not include areas of general wear and tear or any preexisting fibre damage. This will be pointed out to you during the pre inspection process

Carpet Protection

Additionally, we recommend (for a minimal fee) adding carpet protector spray (Scotchgard) to all carpets we have cleaned. This protects fibres, keeping carpets cleaner and stain-free longer, protecting against abrasion, enhancing longevity and most importantly gives you peace of mind lasting 18-24 months.

We can also offer expert advice on the best ways to look after your carpets.


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